Sipping on real strong coffee, writing something that comes out of my head, listening to music and jamming to it, pretending like im some kind of a singer currently playing live. That’s what Frankfurt feels like and it’s all real.
First of all – yeah, what’s up, i’m in Frankfurt, no idea how i got here. Actually, there is a reason, which i’m not keen on telling just cuz it’s not a big deal. But the city itself is. It looks weird, not really appealing from the first sight, not sufisticated at all, but still interesting. It kinda seems like a book to me, a book which i have to read definetely more than one time to get into it and to understand all the jokes, then remember every page by heart, and you become local. Well, i hope that you know what im talking about here. The thing is that, all parts of Frankfurt, as i saw it, are so different, and each corner, every street or just a small part of it resembles some other city i’ve been to. You wanna tell me it’s not weird? You don’t. For example, when i’ve arrived at the airport, it really looked like Geneva to me. Then driving from the airport to the downtown – you see Switzerland, somewhere close to Lausanne. You go out on the street – here you are, in Beijing, the only difference is that it doesn’t smell like duck. Then you go buy an ice cream in Madrid, come a little closer to the river – hallo, Saint-Petersburg. You turn around – bloody Geneva again! Is the city messing with you?
There are some skaters practicing their tricks or just trying to look cool, a huge but fast-moving line in Starbacks, no wi-fi in cafes, beer places everywhere and people smoking their cigarettes, or just walking, or doing whatever the hell they want, cuz they are free. This is how i felt like while walking on the street after having quite a big lunch, passing by some comics shops(which are incredible, but closed on Sunday).
Also, something you need to know: that guy, which was escorting us from the airport, looked a lot like David Bowie with dark hair, so tall and so thin, with that deep voice and an accent or pronounciation, he even sounded exactly like Bowie. Maybe he isn’t dead..?

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